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Tiffany DeLangie

I'm a SAHM of three littles ages 2, 5, and 7. I'm also a blogger and a photographer. I love to decorate but little kid spaces will always be my favorite! I also love my family (my husband is my favorite), Jesus, naps, big breakfasts, coffee, donuts, wine and more coffee.

A Modern and Functional Playroom

When you have a tiny playroom, every square foot counts! I researched various toy storage options, and once I settled on the Ikea Kallax and the green chalkboard paint, the rest started coming together. I  knew I wanted an accent wall, but couldn’t find a wallpaper I loved within my budget. A green chalkboard wall seemed like a fun, fresh way to incorporate an accent wall. I added blush notes to make the room a little less masculine since it’s shared by my daughters (7 and 9) and son (4). It was a challenge to keep it age appropriate for all and gender-neutral for all but I think it works! I’ve written more about the process here as well as listing sources!

a Modern Batman Party for Dax

My son wanted a Batman party so I whipped this simple but modern party up in about a week. It’s so fun to do a modern take on a traditional theme. If you like more creative and modern themes, but your little one will not be deterred from a character party, my tips are to use mostly solid colored partyware and then pepper in ‘nods’ to the character. Since the Batman logo is pretty simple and clean, it was easy to incorporate a few elements to give both me and Dax the look we were going for. ;) You can see any sources not listed here over on my blog- Pretty Real.

Genevieve’s ‘Let’s Make a Rainbow’ Care Bears Party

I love party planning and have a running list of themes in my head at all times. Rainbows was one of them. Care Bears was not. ha! But when my daughter said she wanted a Care Bears party I knew I could combine it with rainbows for a win/win. I watched Care Bears as a kid and love that she’s a fan of the new version. It’s always a challenge to find fun modern party decor on a budget, especially when throwing a character party. A friend of mine suggested looking at a popular DIY blog for modern rainbow inspiration and I was glad I did. That coupled with the rainbow themed pins I’d been saving for years brought this theme to life. And that huge Care Bear totally made this party! You can see more (including sources) over on my blog, Pretty Real.

Genevieve’s Bright and Modern Elephant Themed Room

Genevieve was my first baby and I didn’t realize how quickly she’d outgrow her nursery! She was 2 and needed less storage for baby items and more room for toys. I’d also painted her nursery pink which felt more appropriate for an infant and less so for my fiery toddler. At the time she loved elephants so I went with that inspiration and her bright and bubbly personality to create an elephant themed room (but not over the top!) with bold color and patterns.
My favorite part of the room was the chevron wall, hands down! Like the rest of the country, I fell in love with the pattern but knew I’d tire of it in my main living area. It was so perfect for a child’s space. It was a labor of love for sure but I never got bored with it and Genevieve loved it plus the chalk wall underneath. I also loved the inexpensive gallery wall.
You can find tutorials for the chevron ceiling fan and the chevron wall on my blog here. Unfortunately I decorated this room awhile ago so sources are not relevant but if you have a question, feel free to ask!