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Hi, I’m Beth! I’ve been married for almost 15 years, I have a passion for interior design, DIY home projects and raising my 3 boys. I’ve been learning to be content in the spaces between now and someday. To make the most of where I am at and to do it with a heart of gratitude. I hope when you come to my blog you feel inspired and encouraged as well as equipped to create and enjoy your spaces between.

Boho Nursery for a Boy!

When I found out I was having my 3rd boy I was a little disappointed haha, but ONLY because I really wanted to design a room for a girl with all the girly things! I was also really into the boho/rattan/neutral rainbows trend and all of that to me screamed girl. I went on a Pinterest hunt to find a boho nursery suited for boys and was a little underwhelmed. So I came to terms that this design will have to come completely from my own head (no pressure).
This room is small (6.5′ x 10.5′) and has no closet, so storage was key and most elements would need to play double duty to accommodate that. There are also two large windows that take up almost all of the wall space so even wall storage was limited. I knew my craigslist dresser would need to double as a changing table and finding an alternative to a closet was a must. I also found a petite side table that was perfect for storing late night feeding essentials as well as a beautiful, boho lamp.
One of my favorite elements we incorporated was the feature wall. I had seen similar walls in other designs but they were always painted a moody color (beautiful but not right for this space). I knew to keep the small room feeling as big as possible I needed to keep all the walls the same color, even more so because the wall color would already be broken up by the large windows. So I went with white on white and really loved how it turned out.
Layout was going to be tricky as I really wanted a chair included in the design. I knew a rocker would be out of the question, so something a little wider with a low profile is what I looked for. I found this beautiful rattan chair at Ikea.
As I started pulling in elements I wanted to be careful not to go too southwest looking or too feminine. As it started to come together I fell more and more in love and more and more excited for another incredibly special baby boy.
This is easily now my favorite room in the house and I often come in here to rest, decompress and just be still.