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I'm a mom of 2 busy body toddlers who moonlights as an event designer through my co. The Petite Soiree.
I absolutely love designing upscale, whimsically modern events for children - and designing transitional party-to-room decor.

Chalkboard Door

While remodeling my children’s room and dining room I decided to maximize space and create a space for them to color, create and encourage their creativitiy – a chalkboard door. I noticed that most of my walls were marked up with crayons or markers despite being washable, so I thought this would be a great way to compromise with the kids while saving the walls (the chalk doesnt show on the walls and wipes off easily if it does!). Besides the kids using it I also find myself writing grocery lists, motivational quotes, reminders, and even a reward chart for good behavior I can modify as much as I need. I also love that since the door is dark it really hides away dirt, stains around the knob or scuff marks that usually happen with a lighter door. 

The Little Engine That Could Birthday Party

My son’s biggest passion right now is trains.Trains of all types, sizes, and of course, all of the sounds that come along with them! I was inspired to do a Little Engine That Could theme because I really wanted the party to be personal – while incorporating his love of trains.  Lately I’ve been noticing him say  “I can’t”, A LOT so I hoped this could also be an educational opportunity too get him saying “I can” and understanding he could do many things.  Leading up to the party we read the book regularly + afterwards –  I transitioned most of the party decor into his room to continue to remind him that he could.