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Bowe Braedy’s Baby Animal Woodland Themed Nursery

I wanted to create a space that had loving, soothing energy for Bowe. Childhood memories of being in the woods with the animals always made me happy and at peace as a wild little wonderer. I used to pretend that all the baby animals were watching me and that the fairies were their protectors from the outside world who lived amungst the firms in the forest. Given how today, the current culture and stimulation is driven in an abundance by technology, and tablets, making his first environment a natural, rustic, clean edged woodland was an obvious choice for me. I took on the decor, design and interior decoration, where my husband took on all the heavy labor of remodeling the room from the floors, windows, framing, and finish work(trim). This was and is no means something I did on my own. It was a husband and wife team project. Looking back im extremely thankful to have had gone through this process with my husband. I got to actually see him in action. Watching him use his talent that he normally executes full time at Boeing as wing mechanic, was so fun to be apart of. Our love got us through at the end and was our inspiration all through out. Loving our son and each other. I recommend that you take your time, and don’t rush. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to try and revisit your options. I probably repainted the trim about 10 different shades of grey until I was satisfied. Giving yourself the green light to take a break if ever frustrated or tired is a must. I made sure to start knowing I had over 4 months to complete my vision. It’s OK to mess up! I messed up, and plenty mistakes were made, which in turn more than a few of those mistakes transpired into happy mistakes. Inspiring new ideas and over-all choices that I ended up actually using in the end. Love, patience, and following your heart/vision got me to the finish line. I’m so thankful for having the opportunity to start and now have to have completed our baby boys room and sacred first space. Something I will cherish and definitely one I will never forget. Happy Creating!
Love, Teal Seibold