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Tamsyn - Pink Milk and Ponies

Pink Milk and Ponies was born from my absolute love for all things party. From the planning, right through to the cleaning up at the end I love it all! Ok, so maybe the cleaning up isn’t my favourite thing, but you get the idea… I love parties!

I’m a wife, photographer, event planner and stay at home mum of three gorgeous boys, six year old Max, three year old Lincoln and our littlest love, two year old Elliot. I adore being a wife and mum and am thrilled to be combining my love for kids parties and event planning with my constant need to be busy. I eat too much pasta, sing really badly and always cook three times more food than is needed. But I have fun along the way and at the end of the day that’s what really matters!

Arty Party

My youngest boy Elliot loves arts and crafts and all things creative, so an Arty Party was an easy choice for his third birthday. The colours of the rainbow and art supplies were the themes I stuck with and the end result was a bright, fun and colourful party.
On the dessert table we served rainbow cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla cake-pops (by Cake Pop House), ‘paint splat’ white chocolate bark, white chocolate freckles, smarties and rainbow desserts in jars. The cake was a 10 layer rainbow cake with buttercream icing and a multicoloured drip. For savoury food we put out a grazing platter full of cheeses, antipasto and blini.
The kids were entertained with a range of crafty activities; painting, drawing, playdoh, pasta necklace making and cupcake decorating were all a big hit with the little ones and kept them entertained the entire time.

Elliot’s Farm 2nd Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago my youngest, Elliot, turned two and we celebrated with a Farm Party. The whole affair was really low key. Elliot sometimes gets a little overwhelmed and clingy when there is too much going on, so we kept it to family and our closest friends.
It was such a fun day! A dozen kids running around like crazy, playing games, chasing bubbles and eating yummy treats.
The adults were well catered for too with a grazing table and drinks provided. This was my first time including a grazing table and it was a huge hit!