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I'm a wife, mommy to 3 littles, blogger, crafter and pediatric nurse practitioner.

Unicorn sleepover party

My sweet little Izzy Grace officially turned 7 and all she has begged for, for the last year is her very first sleepover. A unicorn theme one at that:) When I saw these tents on Pamper Me Cute I knew we had to make it happen. She picked 4 of her closest friends and they truly were adorable and had a blast. I think 5 was the perfect number of girls for a first sleepover. We painted nails, decorated cookies, they played dolls, tumbled, you name it! I put on a movie around 9:30 and they were all out by 10:15. It was amazing. The tents made it so magical for the girls.

Dinosaur Party

For months leading up to my son’s 3rd birthday party he would say he wanted a dinosaur party. I still have no idea where he came up with this random love for dinosaurs but after shuddering a bit at the thought of coming up with a dinosaur theme party, I ended up having so much fun finding all the decor. We held the party at Play Street Museum in Plano, Texas.  They have multiple locations in the DFW area and it is super cute and fun.  I started with the cute place settings with the printable placemats, leaves, wood plates and adorable dinosaur for each kiddo. The cake was the icing on top and a few cute balloons always finish off the decor. Each kiddo got a placemat, dinosaur, and hatching dinosaur egg as their party favor. Every year I have the party guests sign a book around the theme of my kid’s party for my littles to remember who was present at their parties! Oh and I’m a Pinterest mom that loves Amazon!

Floral Nursery

As soon as I found out our last little one, our little caboose was a girl I knew I wanted her nursery to be floral, bold and very girlie. I had been dreaming of a floral wallpaper nursery and couldn’t wait to see it come together. I wanted a gold crib and when I couldn’t find the perfect one I employed my sweet husband to paint our once blue Jenny Lind crib. I love the way it turned out. I wanted a mix of vintage and antique and love the way the antique dresser turned out. I wanted to find one in its original state and was so excited when my mom found this one at a local antique store. Pulling in the antique stroller from sister’s room was the perfect addition above her beautiful name sign from House of Belonging.