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Cirque du Bebe Shower

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. We hosted our own shower and had it at our house so our friends and family could see Olivia’s nursery. I have been crying with gratitude from my friends and family’s kindness. We had PF Changs catered and Sprinkles cupcakes. All the guests took pics with the instant camera and are going to put them in a scrapbook. We still haven’t opened all the gifts but I am super excited about 2 in particular because I LOVE Bjork and our daughter’s Godmother gave us a Bjork doll from Etsy!!! I was screaming when I opened it!! My other friend made special *Bjork-inspired wrapping paper* for our gifts. I LOVE my friends and family so much. Everyone wrote wishes for Olivia and I was full-on crying when we read them tonight. Some were sooo sweet and some were seriously funny. Jeff, our caricaturist was a HUGE hit, he made everyone look hilarious, I LOVE ours. I am so majorly happy how nice everything was. Everyone loved our nursery and kept telling us how lucky our daughter will be. I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

Olivia’s Nursery

We started transitioning my hubby Antz’s office in March and yesterday we had the final piece *our glider* delivered. The artwork in the room is made by my husband *he’s an artist* and he also handmade the mobile *which is us, our soon-to-be daughter Olivia, our dog Maxwell and our cat Lola. Anthony still shares his office with Olivia but we feel his area is cohesive to the room.