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romantic. natural. beautiful.

fall in love. tie the knot. create a family. fall in love all over again.

every time i look through the lens of my camera- at a mother smiling at her newborn baby, at a groom seeing his bride for the first time or at a child staring with wonder into the world- my heartfelt goal is to capture these natural moments in the most beautiful and magical of ways so you can remember and re-live them always. so, choose me. and I will capture these moments for you and i promise to create photographs that will give you goosebumps and bring tears to your eyes.

DIY Gray and Pink Themed Nursery

This nursery is little piece of my heart and the very room where my dreams came true; in it I discovered a love like none other…and have fallen in love many times since. I had always dreamed of having a little girl, so when I found out Amalia was on her way I so excited to create for her a feminine and enchanted space.
I really enjoy styling and creating myself, so that is how I began. I chose the colors; an accent of pink and a gray base. I thought gray was a nice base that she could grow with, but the accent colors and decor could always be changed. My inspiration piece started from the ribbon wall, from there I went on to make the up-cycled ribbon lampshade. I up-cycled the manzanita trees from my wedding and decorated with crystals, flowers and the letter ‘A’ for her name. I then added touches of a chandelier, my own vintage ballerina porcelain light cover and even poms. Even her curtains are made with love, with the guidance of her grandmother.