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Studio SHK

Studio SHK bridges the demands of artistic exploration, environmental and social responsibility, and financial considerations. Our approach is client and site specific, and questions conventional assumptions. We seek to explore an inherent sense of place and identity in each project. The individual character of each project emerges through insightful spatial relationships, material richness, and exacting detail. A collaborative process with clients, consultants, fabricators, and builders allows an open and inspired exploration of the design process leading to the creation of harmonious spaces. Founder Sherry Hope-Kennedy has formed a team that strives to deliver the highest level of service coupled with creative design that evokes a sense of energy and playfulness.

The Great Exploration Bedroom

Meant for the young, the wild and the wandering. This is a bedroom designed for the explorer in all of us – a journey through a half-imagined almost restrained oasis on the horizon, balanced with an unearthing of the wilderness deep within the jungle. It’s a room intended for climbing, hanging, and pure adventure – a hideaway for the seeker of all things fun and free.
To create the space, colorful, whimsical and textural design elements were integrated into the design:
Wall Treatment: The walls are covered in Calico’s ombre wallpaper and create the backdrop, a song to the African sky at dawn. For an unexpected layer, artist Cody Blocker painted silhouettes of safari animals onto the wall.
Bunk Beds: The custom-built tree fort-inspired bunk bed provides lofted space for the small room with the ladder doubling as structural support and an element of play.
Rug: A custom-colored circular Kyle Bunting rug anchors the room and is reminiscent of a giraffe.
Termite mound inspired play enclosure: Inspired by safari photos of sand hills and termite mounds, the wooden play space was custom-made using sheets of plywood and provides an escape from reality.
Lighting: The 3D wooden elephant mask projects visual art, adding stunning layers.
Shelving: Trapezoid-shaped shelving units arranged in a zigzag configuration on the wall provide another dimension.
Table and Chairs: The seating area features a custom-designed table that matches the angular shape of the stools.
Gym rings: Wooden rings hung from the rafters add interest and another dimension to the room.
Never stop exploring!