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I am a 30 something year old mother of 2 boys, 5 and 1 year. I love being a mother to boys because they are always fun and really keep me on my toes! I juggle parenting, work, and law school at night, but I always find time for some good ol' cuddling with my little cuties.

Brody’s Bright DIY 1st Birthday

We always love celebrating our children’s birthdays and making them feel special.  For Brody’s 1st birthday, we wanted a colorful and cheerful and fun environment for our very fun little man.  We wanted everything to be about him.  He isn’t old enough to choose a favorite color yet so we just picked the brightest and happiest colors we could since he is just the happiest little boy.  

Baby Boy’s Room/Guest Room

Since we had to combine our second son’s nursery with our guest bedroom so the grandparents would still have somewhere to sleep when they visited, we chose a themeless and timeless classic blue room with furniture that doubles as guest bedroom furniture as well as serving the typical nursery needs. We also wanted the nursery to still be all about our son despite the addition of a big guest bed. The space is so calming and relaxing!