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New Mom-blogger- designer. Love your nursery inspiration!

Southern Modern Nursery

Hey Friend,
His name alone is so strong that we couldn’t not make his nursery one he would (never) always remember. ;)
Let’s be honest the nursery is more for the Momma to gaze at before, and during her life becoming a mom. Somewhere that feels like a safe haven for both Mom and babe, but if you’re having a boy, masculine enough where Dad feels like he can come and change a diaper… or ten.
I have been waiting to show you this for quite sometime, because let’s be honest paint was going on the walls the second we found out it was a boy. But I would be lying if I said putting together a boys nursery is an easy task. I had the perfect vision of a little girl’s room, floral wallpaper behind her crib, neutral yet feminine which all quickly was put on hold when the blue dust fell from our gender reveal.

But what did make it much easier was I am a girl of NEUTRAL! White walls, wood tones, metallic accents describes my inner soul. Which leads me to Vandiver’s nursery.
Vandiver Lee Johnston named after his great grandfather, Thomas Rueben Vandiver has a nursery unlike any other. His nursery “theme” inspired by his great grandfather and great uncle with the nascar pictures of our very own. Colliding the vintage pictures with a modern style my nursery dreams came true.