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Air Force spouse * Active mama * Jack, Nov '14 * Baby girl due Sept '16 * Washington state

Miss Madeline’s Floral Nursery

From the moment I found out I was pregnant for the second time, I knew exactly what I wanted to create for both a girl and boys nursery. When we found out we were having a little girl, I knew the exact bedding brand (Bella Notte) I wanted to find linens from, however, their prices were way outside our budget. I was able to find some amazing floral linens off of their outlet website, which were significantly less, and ran with those as my inspiration. I’ve always been inspired by shabby chic and floral designs. To tie in the floral bedding, I contacted my wedding florist who does home projects from time to time and asked if she could put together a floral garland that matched the bedding. She created an absolute masterpiece and is one of my favorite items in the nursery. Definitely something that our little girl can keep in her bedroom for years to come. It was important for me to find decor that was transitional, budget friendly and unique for her room. Many of the items on her shelf are from my old nursery and bedroom growing up (lamb, porceline pink box, Beatrix Potter figurines) I’m so excited that I get to pass these things down to her! Also, the pink bunny on her rocking chair was mine as a little girl.
Some other favorite items in her nursery are the framed Etsy prints above her dresser and rocking chair. I was immediately obsessed with the watercolor French store fronts illustrations and, of course, the ability to personalize the prints.
My biggest piece of advice would be to take your time! When I found pieces that I loved, I tried to visualize the nursery as a whole…always going back to the floral bedding and making sure it meshed with my vision. I also am so happy that my mom was able to help and say yay or nay on items. Having a second opinion is never a bad thing ?