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VROOM VROOM 1st Birthday

-The dessert table consisted of the main cake, cupcakes in custom 3d checkered wrappers topped with lollipop like signs that read a few different things, marshmallow pops individually wrapped and tied with a knot, and candy in just the colors of the party! -The favors were these amazing cookies in the shape of a #1, but frosted with the race car theme. These were also individually wrapped with a personalized thank you tag tied to hot wheel cars. -The “Winner’s Circle” is where the cake eating/smashing started. A cardboard black and white checkered mat was placed under the highchair with a banner above. The high chair had its own personal banner and held the personal cake & custom hat. -The water bottles all had personalized black and white checkered labels with a gas pump on them and read fuel. -The birthday boy wore a shirt with a black and white checkered #1 on it and his name. The big bro wore a shirt that read “pit crew”