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Sara Montague Miller

Sara Montague Miller is a Licensed Professional Counselor on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as well as the owner of Uninvented Colors Photography.

Afton’s Tiny Pastel Nursery

It was a lot of work to figure out how to use the TINY space we have for a nursery!
The glider was one of the hardest purchase decisions. It needed to be small enough for this tiny room, short enough for my really short legs, the right color, and of course, comfortable! After quite a bit of shopping, we actually found the perfect one at Babies R Us, and I already love sitting in it.
The little table was a lucky Tuesday Morning find. At first I wasn’t crazy about the elephants, but they have really grown on me, and I love that there’s extra storage in the baskets. The blue lamp is old–we just freshened it up with a new shade from Target. (The curtains are from Target, too.)
I always knew one of the focal points of the room would be a quilt made by my extremely talented mother-in-law, and she definitely came through! Isn’t it pretty? And it’s super soft, too.
There was much debate about the crib, but we ended up with the Davinci Kalani. I love it, and it will grow with her for years to come, so it’s a good value, too. As was the $15 floor lamp from Lowe’s.
Of course I have been browsing baby stuff on Etsy for months now, and there are so many adorable things! I’ve tried not to go too crazy, but I have made a few purchases, and by far my favorite is this hot air balloon mobile from youngheartslove. The colors really tie the room together, and it reminds me of the hot air balloon stories that my dad used to tell me when I was a little girl. :)
Also above the crib is a personalized name print made from Walter Anderson’s alphabet block prints. The Realizations folks did a great job with this custom work, and I love that Afton will have some local Gulf Coast culture in her room. :)
The biggest nursery project by far was this dresser. It’s an old hand-me-down that used to be stained a dark finish with intricate brass drawer pulls. Alex worked hard re-painting it and changing the drawer holes so that we could update it with these cute turquoise knobs (also from Lowe’s.) My mom gave us the perfect topper to make the dresser into a changing table, and the little compartment has just enough room for the wipe warmer that our friends insist we need. ;) There’s exactly enough space left on the dresser for the noise machine and diaper tote (both gifts from friends from our registries.)
Above the dresser are four of my own photo prints! I had a hard time choosing just the right combination, but I think these four complement each other perfectly. They’re now available as a set in my Etsy shop! 
I plan on raising a bibliophile, so I was a bit distraught at the idea that there wasn’t much room for bookshelves in this room, but these shallow wall shelves from Ikea solve the problem for now. Afton already has more books than will fit here, so the others will be stored in the closet, but it’s fun to have these on display (along with a few of our maternity photos.) I can’t wait to start reading to her!
From books and toys to sheets and clothes, this nursery (not to mention the rest of the house) is so full of gifts from friends and family! This little girl is so loved already.