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I am a 35 year old mom to 3 AMAZING boys 8, 6, & 5 year old!! I also have a great husband and even though I am not an artist I have always love all creative things... I was blessed with the opportunity to partner up with my cousin and we have started a wall decal company!!

So exciting to be a part of this creative, fun, eclectic and adventurous world!!!!

Pink and Gold Paris Themed Nursery

Gigi’s Paris Themed Nursery for Chloe Sophia

We wanted to create a chic, modern, clean Paris Themed nursery. I definitely wanted to incorporate the Eiffel Tower while having it feel fresh and new. We are in love with the final results!!

Circus Play Tent

Sebastian’s Circus Vintage Nursery

My first nephew inspired in me an amazing love and tenderness. I wanted the circus vintage nursery we designed for him to be reflective of all my feelings!
I wanted it to have a sense of fun, adventure, freshness and yet tenderness.. I hope he feels the love that is in every piece in his room!!

Baseball Themed Bedroom Decor

This is a design for a special young man that loves baseball. We were approached by his mom to help create a magical space that a 5 year old would enjoy but not outgrow in a matter of a year!!