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I write my essay everyday just the way I do my research proposal regularly. I write my essay everyday because I do exercise that prepare me to write a better research proposal. These are like meals for me. I do not stop to waste time when I have started. When I make sure, everything is ready, that is, clean my table and switch on my computer that marks the beginning of the whole deal. I started to write my essay a long time ago but writing my research proposal is relatively recent. To get used to writing the research proposal I went to college, but I learnt how to write my essay from my friends. The most enjoyable thing to do was to write my essay faster every day I attempted. The research proposal was a little harder at the beginning and I loved to love it later. However, the fact that I learnt to do write my essay earlier than the research proposal does not make me have distaste for any.
If anybody tells me to write my essay or a research proposal, I always know that it is for my own personal advantage. It is not a bad thing to recommend people learn something that can make them say, “I write my essay” or “I write a research proposal”. Actually, it makes one proud. Moreover, the more a person is proud to say, “I do my essays” or “I do my research proposals”, the more he/she grows in wisdom. It is not a laughing matter but a thing of pleasance. Always love it. It is enjoyable, and it gladdens one’s heart more than easily.

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