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New mom with a passion for DIY and anything blue. Full-time professional photographer residing in the Sunshine State with hubby and rainbow baby Elle.

French Farmhouse Gender Neutral Nursery

In December we welcomed our rainbow baby boy, Jack, after many losses and a successful round of IVF. Being that this was our second and final child, and a boy (we have a girl who is 3) I wanted to create a special space just for him. I really wanted this space to be a relaxing, inviting one where the kids will eventually play together. This is why there’s lots of room in the center of the room for their toys to spread out! I think that many nurseries just have so much stuff, especially nurseries for firstborn children. The second time around, I realized we don’t really need that much!
I’ve always been a change-on-the-go kind of mom, so I change in the pack-and-play or on the floor. I never used a changing table with my daughter, so this time I omitted it from the nursery altogether.
It’s my deepest desire that this will be a room filled with love, kisses, and hugs, so a spacious room was what our children deserved!
A lot of my inspiration came from the French Farmhouse style of decorating. I love all of the textures, and different shades of ‘white’. My favorite! You can read more about the room on my blog here.

Baby Elle’s Eclectic Coastal Nursery

I chose this project because I wanted to create a space for my little girl that had meaning, and that reflected not only our tastes but that also told the story of our very long journey into parenthood. Our little rainbow baby was seven years in the making, following two consecutive miscarriages and nearly three years of trying with no results, so I knew that I wanted this little part of our home to be special.
I pulled inspiration for the room from all over! Passages from my favorite books from when I was a little girl added whimsy and wonder. Special places from our travels together as a couple gave meaning to accessories. All of this, along with our part of the globe and our lifestyle on the coast, lent to the color scheme and the design direction of the room.
A few of my favorites items give even more meaning to the space. The white photo frame on the bookshelf houses pieces of pink tissue paper from our Gender Reveal party, a fun reminder of the very moment we found out that we were having a baby girl! Sitting on the nursing chair is Flavia Flamingo, included in the space as a nod to our home state of Florida. And next to her, is a pineapple pillow that reminds us of Hawai’i -our favorite travel destination and locale of our Baby Moon. And speaking of Hawai’i, the two gallery prints that adorn either side of the window are among my favorite photographs taken during our Baby Moon in Maui. Being a professional photographer, I wanted to reiterate the importance of incorporating personal artwork into a design, and I also wanted Elle to look at these photographs and know that she is so loved, and that Mom and Dad are always with her.
And, because no space in this DIY’ers home would be complete without a little something homemade, I included the rustic stump end table next to the nursing chair. I thought not only did it add a bit of whimsy to the room, but it also gave me the opportunity to include something unique to the space, something I made just for it. Dad also contributed big time! My husband is VERY handy, and we managed to do all of that double dentil crown moulding ourselves for under $150!
I learned a lot along the way while we were creating this space, but I’d have to say that my biggest piece of advice for those just starting on this process is to stay true to who you are. It’s easy to get lost on Pinterest and to follow trends, but in the end, you’ll be most pleased with a room that reflects your tastes as a family and tells your story.