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HI. I am Rachel. I live in Seattle. My husband and I just adopted a baby boy. he was born in July 2011. He is our dream come true.

Collin’s Nursery

We didn’t have nine months to create a nursery for Collin, as we only found out two days before Collin was born, that we had been picked by his birthmom to adopt.  We took him home to an empty nursery.  We had the necessities but no cute room to bring him home too. But it was fun to create Collin’s nursery during those first few months of his life.  We went through a lot of years of infertility, loss and heartache trying to start our little family.  That all went away when we held our little boy for the first time.  For me the room captures that feeling of holding him the first time.  It makes me happy and I always feel peaceful while in his room.