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Randi Kennedy

A crafty DIYer mommy to sweet Kennedy.

Kennedy’s Wild West Party

My daughter chose her wild west theme. She wanted to be a sheriff for her fourth Birthday! So I started Building away and made her wild west town that included a saloon, sheriffs office, jail and a bank. I loved making her horses and the post for them. The cattle chute was a big hit. I made it out of old pallets the kids loved coming out of the chute with a bucking bronco! Just a fun overall DIY birthday party! I Made her watering hole and Chuck wagon food table. I also added tee pees and a canoe and paddles. Most of the large stuff I built with scrape wood I had and plywood. I did a lot of bargain shopping for all the western stuff. We had so much fun!! I Loved making the menu for the tables and the Cake Stand out of a pistol with an old tin pan as the topper.

Kennedy’s Enchanted Forest Fairy/Gnome 3rd Birthday

Kennedy wanted a Fairy Party, I didn’t want to go with the typical fairy garden theme. I know how much she loves the outdoors and animals and so it began. I started gutting out our woods on the side of our house and made her and Enchanted forest. I thought of this idea because when I was little my family would take us to this spot in town “The Enchanted forest” and it was so magical to me and was one of my favorite memories growing up. So much stuff to do there and see bowling pins made out of wood, houses, tables, Little men made out of wood, trails you name it. So back to Kennedy’s party I went with an Enchanted forest fairy and gnome Party. I wanted it to feel whimsical, magical, enchanting, majestic. Something she and her cousins and friends could play in after her party and many years to come. I started working on the woods when there was still mounds of snow everywhere,(we live in Maine)  I had a time limit to get this done before her party came along. So I brought out the shovels and starting digging. The area I chose on the side of the house was just perfect, the trees seem to spread out just perfect soo I found the trails I wanted to add and started cutting with a saw and machete (which took forever) and tipping over the dead trees and hauling them out. Thank goodness Kennedy’s papa came along with the chain saw and it HELPED out in a big way!  So finally we got the trees cleared out, I began lining the trails with Rocks , which took A LOT of Rocks to do and took a lot of grunting and groaning trying to push this wheelbarrow through the woods up the trails filled with a ton of rocks. (Gets super heavy). Once that was completed my father’s  friend had given him a pretty nice wooden swing set for Kennedy awhile ago. That wasn’t put together yet, so I had him take the Slide and put it in the forest. Same with the swings and the  Rock climbing wall. I spread them out amongst the trails. Parts from the swing set I used  to make bridges for the trails and also made a tent out of spare pieces. His friend also gave us a nice sandbox that his grand daughter outgrew. So in the sandbox went in to the forest (which is a big hit with he kiddos).  I had the perfect spot near the end of the trail, it came to a complete straight line so I went and purchased large outdoor bowling pins and put them in, it opened up at the end of the trail for the perfect spot. Kennedy’s papa, myself and her Nana worked on a house to put in the forest. It turned out awesome, big and looks like a log cabin just tied in perfect with the theme. I ended up gettting a bunch of brick and painted yellow lines on them and made a big racetrack for forest and found some PVC lying around and made a tunnel out of it and covered it with mulch, rocks, and moss and that’s where the cars went flying down and you could race on the track. I found some trees and hung them connecting to two other tree so I could hang the flower reading canopy I made. I added tons of Toadstools, Flowers, gnomes, Butterflies and pinwheels throughout the trails. I also Made Fairy doors and windows and nailed them to trees. So that sums of the Forest pretty well. For the tables  I had the perfect spot picked out for a large long table for the kids, in front of these large rocks and super old logs that were growing moss all over them and it just added perfectly to my theme I was going for! We made a long table out of plywood and used stumps for the legs and made log benches for seating and I Made toadstool pillows to place on them. I used the main kids table for them to make fairy gardens and remember those large rocks and stumps I put all the accessories for the gardens all over them so the kids could go over and pick what they wanted to put in their gardens. The middle of the table was decor of moss,gnomes,trolls, fairies, rocks, butterflies, birds, flowers, wood, birds nest, fairy homes and animals  etcs…. I had a spot right by the main table to put up a fairy swing, I made the wooden board  and covered it with moss and on the rope added flower garlands. I placed a table by the main table that was set up with fairy wands and headbands I made for the girls and Gnome hats and beards for the boys. I had a section laid out for face painting and Fairy hairspray glitter. I had this perfect round mirror that was made out of bark that went perfect right next to the table and I hung fairy wings I made next to that so They all could check themselves out all dolled up before they entered the forest. I made three toadstool tables from Spools. I set up little crafts the kids could make on them. I hung from the entrance Her name I made out of twigs moss and flowers for each letter. The hanging decor I used were pom poms I already made that I used at one time for her nursery and I made yarn balls out of balloons and hung flower pots covered in moss. The food table was over by the end of the trail to exit the forest, near a wishing well we already had on the property and I felt that tied in perfect with the theme.

Kennedy’s Shabby Chic Tea Party

I wanted Kennedy’s first birthday to be unique and special, and make most of her party decor. I decided  on throwing her  a Shabby Chic Tea Party!! This mommy likes to make stuff! It kept me very busy making projects such as the banners, bunting, poms, labels, cake toppers, hanging flower balls, label holders etc… I did a lot of goodwill shopping for the tea cups and dolls. I found many things around the house and in her room to use. I also set up her first birthday shoot and captured some amazing photos! I hope you enjoy my sweet peas First Birthday Party!!