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Hi, I’m Rachael (aka, Faye). I’m a mom of two and aspiring creative living in Northern California. I take pictures and write stuff on the Internet.

Shared Feminine, Vintage-Modern Toddler Room

A feminine, vintage-modern bedroom shared by two girls, ages three and two. There are lots of thrifted and a few hand-made items.  My style inspirations include scandi-modern, vintage and granny chic looks.  It doubles as a play space with a kitchen and dress-up station. You can read more on my blog…

Michaiah’s Nursery

Not knowing the gender of our baby while pregnant, (we had a girl) I wanted to put together a gender neutral nursery. I also knew I wanted to incorporate birds as part of the theme. We have a small house, so this bedroom will be used for multiple children, which I had to keep in mind. (We’ll be getting creative with space and adding other pieces of furniture later). Originally, I was going for a more modern look, but it turned out looking much more whimsical. What can I say, I’m a sucker for TWALL! Combined with the birds and the white furniture, the outcome was more traditional. My inspiration is from an assortment of fabrics, including the brown and white patchwork quilt used for crib bedding and an various teal and orange fabrics from JoAnn. My mother in law created the bird mobile from all of the fabrics. The crib and changing table were both given to us used (changing table found by my sister in law on Freecycle). The crib was originally a pine finish and the changing table was oak with forest green accents. We stripped and spray painted both white. The side table is from Ikea and the overstuffed glider (lots of use in the last few weeks) is from Babies R Us. The wall arrangement above the crib is made up of white frames from Ikea, vintage alphabet cards from Etsy, plates from the thrift store, and canvases covered with my inspiration fabrics. The shelf above the changing table is from Ikea. The lamp was a Home Goods find. The bird picture below the Ikea shelf was found at Bed Bath and Beyond. The hooks and curtains are also Ikea.