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Rachel Beals

Full time boss-lady, mom, wife, and hamster cage cleaner, who loves photography, Red Bull, and making to-do lists.

Emmy’s Light and Bright Chic Nursery

With both of my children, I never felt that one “theme” really fit what I had in mind, rather, I wanted to find a way to incorporate items of personal and important meanings to create a comforting and familiar space. Additionally, found it overwhelming to just commit to one specific style/theme, and I wanted to find a classy way to have little pieces from any theme I liked. It is also important to me to create a nursery that could transition well as my children grow and want to begin adding their own elements. I just started with a color scheme I knew I would want to use, in this case light pinks, grey, gold and white, and then used that as a starting base with furniture, paint, carpet, and curtains. I also knew I wanted to have floral and animal elements. To decorate, I used items that we already had in our home as well as things I picked up at various places during my pregnancy that just felt right. One piece I loved was the white and gold pineapple, found at TJ Maxx, because I have always loved the quote “Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” and that’s absolutely something I want my little girl to live by. I didn’t rush the process and enjoyed taking time to find what I wanted. It would be easy to walk into a big brand store and buy everything you need in one stop, but by browsing over the months of my pregnancy, I was able to stay budget friendly by reusing items in my home as well as by bargain shopping and repurposing items. For example, the mirror was black and a $2 Goodwill find that I just spray painted white and the dresser was a $30 flea market find that I spent another $60 to restore. So don’t be afraid to check for good deals and try some DIY, I think it will make the items in the nursery that much more personal and special!