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Prissa A. Putri

A full time mother currently living in Singapore.

Quorra’s 3rd Mermaid Party

I cannot believe now I share the project of Quorra’s 3 rd birthday.. its seems only yesterday that I shared her 1st party… :)
As she grew, she now can choose her own theme for birthday, and she still lovesss water and anything associated with sealife.. so she decided to be a mermaid this time and requested to have a bubble party!
Happy 3rd birthday dear Quorra

Shatra’s Tedak Siten

To keep the tradition, we held a Tedak Siten ceremony for our second child, Artachshatra Dharmanaga Tjokroatmodjo. Tedak Siten is a javanese tradition held before a baby start his/her first steps, the literal meaning of “Tedak Siten” means to set foot on earth.
This ritual illustrates that the little child is ready to start a successful life, with God’s blessing and with the guidance from his or her parents.
During the ceremony, Shatra must get inside a wodden cage full of items related to the future (such as books, stetoskop, pen, etc) and he must pick 2 items which believed will be his profession in the future.