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Preston’s Polka Dot Party!

We celebrated Preston’s First Birthday in “P”erfection. Inspired by Michael Miller’s “Lolli Dot” fabric, I got to work! There were Polka dots, Pom Poms, Popcorn, Pretzels, Party Mix, Pop, Peanuts, Pizza, Rice Krispie Popcicles and Punch. I also had a small candy station set up with bright colored candy to match the color scheme of red, yellow, orange, lime, turquoise and navy. There was a smaller snack station in the living room-everything served in Pails! His friends took home small pails. Each pail had a personalied letter ornament for their name (purchased at Land of Nod for $1), Puzzle shaped soap, Playdough, freeze Pop cozies, a crayon roll, a Pocket game, Pop Rocks, and a Ring Pop. For the only other baby, I substituted the crayon roll and pocket game with a small lovey toy purchased on Etsy. It was also from the same seller and done in the “Lolli Dot” fabric. They also got a coordinating bottle of bubbles and a Pinwheel! Many of the favors were purchased on Etsy, or the Dollar Tree, and some of them were also done in “Lolli Dot” fabric. All of the napkins, plates and cups were in red and purchased at the Dollar Tree. I ordered a yard of the fabric, from an Etsy seller, for layering on the table, but the orange plastic table cloth was from Walmart! Most of the paper items were purchsed at Bushel & Peck Paper on Etsy, but I did make the food labels in Microsoft Paint, and I made the cupcake toppers with my Cricut! Preston wore a navy shirt, from Etsy, done in the “Lolli Dot” fabric. He also had a matching birthday hat and bib-also Etsy purchases! I made the cupcakes myself-to save money-but the smash cake was purchased at Walmart for under $8!

Sleeping with Sock Monkeys

Preston’s walls are painted a dark “Sock Monkey” brown and a 12″ red boarder is painted around the top. The trim and furniture are an antique white. All of the colors were pulled from those of vintage Sock Monkeys! Most people think nurseries should be bright and pastel, but I disagree. Preston’s room is cozy and makes napping EASY! There are red and white gingham accents throughout. They can be seen on the drapes, crib skirt, personalized PBK soft chair in the reading area, on the ribbon attached to the mobile I made, and on a letter “P” hung above the rocking chair. The other fabric selection is ivory with Sock Monkeys. The crib sheet, crib blanket, rocking chair pillow, changing pad cover, light switch plate, lamp and night light are in this fabric. Some of the pieces were bought on Etsy and others purchased individually at The pieces from were my only splurge, but are still affordable. I painted all of the picture frames an antique white and glued red buttons on (a project that cost $11 including frames-Walmart wooden frames, spray paint and some red buttons I had). Button details are also on the mobile and hamper. I also made the “No Monsters Allowed” sign that hangs above the closet. Our home is a 1941 bungalow. I wanted a nursery that may have been there when the house was built but with a modern twist-of course. I was also on a small budget, because I lost my job shortly after getting pregnant. The entire space was done for under $600, excluding the crib and dresser-gifts from our parents! My dad made the red shelf above the crib, and we painted it with leftover wall paint. Another friend made the personalized wooden blocks and made the personalized basket that holds toys. I found the alphabet art for $10, at TJMaxx and the letter “P” for $2.95 at The “P” is hung by a handpainted Sock Monkey knob-$3.95 on Etsy! The red rugs, red changing table basket, and ivory rocking chair pad were Pier 1 clearance finds! The rocking chair was snagged from my parents porch. The crib, changing table/dresser, and bookshelf were ordered on sale from JCPenney. The small “bedside table” was purchased at a HUGE discount from a furniture store that was going out of business. The hamper was bought for $19.99, from babiesrus. I cut the wood buttons off, that it came with, and sewed on large red buttons I got at Walmart for $3. We painted this room with the intention that it can be used for years to come. The crib converts to a toddler bed and full bed, the changing table becomes simply a dresser, and the few sock monkey elements can be easily removed. With new sheets, comforter, rugs and art, this room can be transformed. I have visions of adding baby blue or orange to the red and brown, for a “big boy” space. For now, Preston loves “his monkeys” more than we could have hoped. He giggles and “talks” to them often, and we beam with pride!