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Pop & Lolli

Pop & Lolli Portfolio

P I C T U R E    P O E T R Y !

Pop & Lolli. Experience. Design.  Chic over-sized fabric wall decals, rich in detail will transform any blank wall into a world of imagination and play.
Originated from the mind of a former Walt Disney Imagineer and birthed out of desperation; Pop & Lolli truly delivers BIG in every way. Pop & Lolli chic wall murals create a complete immersive environment and provide an opportunity for expression & exploration; something every kid deserves.
Pop & Lolli believes in impact. And to make an impression, size can definitely help!
Pop & Lolli builds the foundation for a creative imagination. It sets the backdrop and puts your child center stage.  And for everyone still kid-at-heart who enjoy the pleasures of Pop & Lolli – it will definitely color your dreams!
Pop & Lolli fabric wall decals offer the following:
Funky and fun designs that are playful and cheery and colorful.
Flexible designs that children can interact with.
All encompassing design and themed overlays BIG enough to truly create an immersive environment.
Pop & Lolli fabric decals are 100% safe for use with children of all ages. It is made of an ultra premium polyester fabric, uses a water based adhesive, produced of non toxic materials and lead free ink and it does not contain any of the PVC’s found in the manufacturing of vinyl decals. Pop & Lolli decals can last 7-10 years indoors, and 5-7 years outdoors.  These fabric decals are very re-usable, very removable, and many times re-positionable!  Pop & Lolli is proudly made in the USA and also eco-friendly.
With every set of Pop & Lolli decals purchased, (it’s) chic 2 change will provide educational materials and resources to positively influence a South African child in need.