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Play Chic Interiors

Play Chic Interiors is a full service interior design firm specializing in child and family spaces. Play Chic embraces a fresh, clean aesthetic with a sense of humor. Our interiors are uncomplicated and fun, with a touch of sophistication. We believe that just because you have kids doesn't mean you have to live like one!

Alexandra’s Safari Nursery

A pair of first-time parents-to-be approached me with a simple task: design a nursery for their soon to arrive, sex unknown baby that would incorporate a) a stuffed giraffe and b) a photograph of a bicycle. Oh, and it had be easily adaptable as a nursery for the next child that came along. Piece of cake! Not. Luckily, these parents were super open to creative ideas and we were soon able to decide on a neutral palette with hints of bright yellow and turquoise, combined with a subtle safari subtext. (However, once the stuffed giraffe was joined by the HUGE stuffed elephant that “subtle” safari theme went out the window!)

Chic and Sophisticated Nursery Room View

Where the Wild Things Are

This is a nursery we put together for a design show house benefitting a charity that provides services to adults with autism. The room was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are. And we let our imaginations run wild!

Boy Girl Twins Toddler Room

The mission here was to take this room from drab to fab! The family had moved from the city not long before and are currently renting a house in the suburbs. So, the task was to take a set of nursery furniture and “toddlerize” it without spending a lot of money. A few DIYs and some saavy internet shopping and Voila – a bright and fun toddler room for the taking!

Clean and Modern Playroom

The mission here was to take an all white playroom and spice it up while maintaining flexibility to change the room’s design and layout as the kids – and they’re toys – grow up.

Lila and Jamesy’s Sophisticated Funk

As an interior designer for kids, I get to design a lot of nurseries and kids rooms, but designing for my own children was a wonderful challenge with a huge reward! We wanted to take the room from soothing nursery to wild child toddler. With the help of the pink and gold wall – with pink and gold doors – I think we managed to achieve just that!