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I'm a wife, mother and a decor enthusiast! I love all things girlie, pink and sparkly and have a passion for crafting/customizing goodies for party decor.

Gingerbread Birthday Party

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday, I decided upon a gingerbread party theme since her birthday is early January. Kids decorated mini gingerbread houses to take home and families also received homemade chocolate covered graham crackers as a favor. Our menu consisted of warm-up, comfort foods: blazin’ hot chili, winter white chili, cheesy potatoes, veggie pizza and mac-n-cheese. Sweet treats included white and dark chocolate covered strawberries and fluffy filled cupcakes with snow covered (coconut) ice cream balls. Tasty drinks offered were a variety of hot teas, pink hot chocolate, pineapple punch and juice boxes. For games, we played “Snowball Scoop” with cotton balls and “Snow Dig”.