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Beverly Hills Hotel Inspired Nursery

Who wouldn’t want to live in the Beverly Hills Hotel? Opened in 1912, the Beverly Hills Hotel has become an haven for film stars, rock stars and celebrities alike. This institution has been home to many including Howard Hughes, Grace Kelly, Gregory Peck, the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and Elizabeth Taylor.
“Back in the days when celebrity was worn with the elegance and grace of diamonds and mink, the Beverly Hills Hotel was where the stars played. W.C. Fields, Humphrey Bogart and the Rat Pack tippled at the bar, Katharine Hepburn did a back flip into the pool in her tennis clothes, and Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned in the bungalows out back — six times. The Beverly Hills Hotel, known affectionately as “the pink palace,” is as Old Hollywood as it gets. Joan Crawford regularly pulled up for lunch in a chauffeured Rolls Royce the color of money, the Beatles slipped in through the back door for an after-hours dip in the pool, and Sidney Poitier danced barefoot in the lobby after winning an Oscar for Lilies of the Field.”. – CNN
The list of guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel over the years is undoubtedly impressive. However, what has stood the test of time is the color palette of the hotel: pink and green with an iconic banana leaf print wallpaper and gold accents. In fact, that was that exact palette that the Petit Tresor team, Nina Takesh and Samantha Winch, used when designing this itty-bitty baby bungalow that would fit right in at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
The Wallpaper was carefully sourced by the official Beverly Hills Hotel Wallpaper distributor, and carefully installed by the same artisan that hangs up the wallpaper in the actual Hotel. Because the wallpaper is so detailed, installation is not for the faint of heart and requires expertise.
The Bumper was made from the same fabric as the curtains and topped with a gold cord piping detail. Petit Tresor’s signature teddy bear was of course created with a combination of all the fabrics chosen for this Nursery.
The Crib Skirt was made of a gorgeous Pink Velour Fabric by the house of Pindler, with a green velour band, to tie in the colors of the banana leaf. The duvet cover was also made of the striped pink and white fabric used in the scalloped cornice box and curtains.
Petit Tresor carefully selected some of it’s favorite decorative items to adorn the gold shelves of this nursery.
Petit Tresor chose it’s famous Crown Prince Changing Table in Ivory and Gold, with Brass pulls as one of the focal points of the Nursery.
A comfortable couch was placed among the gold shelves, so that the baby could be fed comfortably by mom. Additionally if dad or friends were in the room, they too could sit next to person feeding the baby.