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Pat Ross

I'm a soon-to-be mom that is inspired in creating something with a purpose.

The Woodlands Nursery

Jon and I wanted to create a woodlands themed baby nursery that is both vintage rustic and elegant. We went for neutral tones of grays and whites to be able to stay true to the feel we wanted. We also wanted a calm and serene area where we can enjoy spending time with our son. This is why we came up with a lot of design ideas which we were able to incorporate such as the decision of purchasing pieces of furniture like the Jenny Lind crib, changing table, and the woodwork accents that were mostly crafted by Jon.
We did work on a budget which was below 2000 USD and we ended up spending 1700 USD. Adding our personal touches to it definitely kept the price reasonably low and we are extremely proud and happy with how it all turned out; just as how we pictured it in our heads and even so much more. The DIY projects we’ve done added so much to the room’s unique features that are probably not seen very often.
The best tips we could share to soon-to-be parents out there are:
1.) Come up with a theme and figure out how to execute a timeless design inspiration; something that never goes out of trend or something that you yourself will never get tired of appreciating.
2.) Another thing is, if you are on budget, always try to stick to it and never put your DYI-ing talent to waste. Although we must admit that we cannot really do complicated DIY projects so we worked with the ones that we know we can do and just made the most out of it – this definitely saves you all the stress and pressure.  We also avoided looking at items that were way beyond our budget by just looking into the best options that are price tag-friendly.
3.) Lastly, we think the best tip we can share is to just enjoy the process and never try to bite more than what you can chew. Just try to see it as an avenue for you guys to bond and enjoy the results afterwards.
To us, what really  ties the entire room together is the bible verse on the wall. We were truly inspired in creating this room for our son because we want him to grow with it and him knowing that he is a blessing to us and it will always stay that way. We also want him to know that God hand-crafted him perfectly to fit into our lives and us into his.