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wedding planner. wife to my husband who I have been with for 10 years. mother to an adorable baby girl born in April 2012.

Brooke’s Purple and Gray Nursery

For our little girl I knew I wanted something different. As much as I adore pink, I just wanted to do something different, yet still keep it girly. Since I am not into the “themed” nursery, I knew I wanted to keep it classy and something that I would not regret later on. I decided to go with purple and gray from the very beginning (before I even knew it was a girl). At the time, I could not find ANYTHING purple and gray together, so I chose to go the custom route.
As far as furniture goes, my husband and I knew we wanted eco-friendly and to make sure it was not going to off gas any smells in the house. We found Romina Furniture located in Europe and just knew we had to have it. The drawers and cabinets finish closing on their own so that no kids fingers could be slammed or pinched, it is 100% solid wood, and eco-friendly. We could not be more pleased with it.
For the final details and touches on the hutch, I tried to incorporate more gray and purple (of all shades) to tie in with the rest of the room. We used purple and gray books, a purple handmade “B” a friend made me, the top part of a diaper cake from one of my baby showers, a silver frame holding my baby photo, etc.
Overall we were pleased with the way it turned out and how everything tied together.