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Nicole Sandridge

Part-time Orthopaedic Physical Therapist and first time mom to Flynn. I love cooking, photography and spending time with my boys.

Flynn’s Colorful Woodland Nursery

I spent 10 long weeks on bed rest following a preterm labor scare at 24 weeks gestation.  They were the scariest weeks of my life.  I threw myself into planning the nursery to avoid scouring the preemie discussion boards.  I had great aspirations for expensive decor but I felt obligated to spend as little as possible since I was out of work not making money.  I made what I could and bought inexpensive items online after extensive research.  I spent maybe 20 hours researching poufs alone.  I even spent hours learning how to make origami from YouTube videos.  The room was the perfect distraction and and was one of the only reasons I didn’t go crazy in those 10 weeks.  The nursery is now a bright and colorful celebration of the miracle that is Flynn.