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A Mrs., a momma, and a whole lot more. Loving life with my little family and counting God's blessings every day.

Lilac and Yellow Toddler Room

This is our daughter’s first “big girl” room.  Her room is pretty small, but has great light and high ceilings.  The lilac inspiration came from the first color she learned, purple.    We chose to accent with a buttery yellow.  I think we accomplished a super sweet toddler room while avoiding that “kiddie” feel.  It’s classic and cheerful, and has an airy, roomy feeling even though it’s a small room in the corner of our house.  And she loves it! The vertical stripes are easy with a lot of painters tape and the antique bed sits high giving her a princess feel.  I hope Project Gallery readers like it, as we had so much fun putting it together.