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I am a mom for 3 boys. Twin 7 year old boys and a 9 month old baby boy. I am also a YouTuber. I love interior decor, fashion, beauty and Liffey and my Instagram page and YouTube shows my passion.


Asher’s Modern Nursery

While I was pregnant I went to project nursery a lot to check for nursery ideas. I wanted a cozy baby nursery for my baby boy but I did not want the traditional baby blue color most moms used for boys nursery. When I went on project nursery Instagram page I saw wall paneling in some nursery photos and I wanted that so badly for Asher’s nursery. Then I saw how people incorporated dark colors in baby boys room and I fell in love with that idea and chose navy blue and my dark hue. I am a gray lover so I added grey to the rest of the walls as my light/neutral color. I built this nursery during the lockdown because I had a pandemic baby so I started with Tatget for my nursery needs since that was one of the few stores opened. Then when Homegoods opened up mama went crazy 😜