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Hello, my name is Jenelle and I am a first time mom to a happy little boy named Macklen. I’m a Registered Nurse living in coastal Massachusetts with my amazing husband. We love the beach and were blessed to find our first home last year, just 1800 steps from the ocean. I am an interior enthusiast and had so much fun creating Macklen’s neutral coastal boho nursery. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Neutral Boho Coastal Nursery

We chose a coastal inspired nursery for my son because of my upbringing in Coastal New England and because we are fortunate enough to live only 1800 steps from the beach. I have always found solace in the sound of the waves crashing and truly appreciated growing up in an area that brought me such peace.
My first job was at Woodman’s of Essex which is famous for their seafood, and is a New England staple. My entire family worked at this establishment as well and we would each say it was of our favorite place to work. We really looked forward to the clam bakes, the local travel and everything that goes along with the lifestyle of living by the beach. We adore this community and hope our son grows up with as much love for it as we have!
My advice to any current or expecting parents is to create something that truly resonates with you and will be meaningful for years to come. I chose neutral tones for the nursery with the consideration that we could one day have a girl who may share the space. I also wanted this room to embody the quaint and charming characteristics of New England that can be appreciated by a boy or a girl, and can be a fun place for them to create memories as they grow up.