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Morgan Jacobs

Hi all! My name is Morgan and I’m currently the mom to four boys under the age of five (yes I am busy, and yes I love it). I am pregnant with our fifth child, but this go around is a little different because we are having a GIRL! Our family is over the moon about our princess joining us in August of 2020!

Jovie Grace’s Bohemian Floral Nursery

I chose this project because this is our first little girl (after four boys), and I wanted her to have a sweet escape from all things masculine. I was inspired through my own style, and decided to incorporate it in her nursery. We recently moved last fall into an older home, and room by room I’m turning the space into our own. This space was by far my favorite with the bohemian vibes. Ironically I’m not crazy about the thought of a lot of pink, so incorporated a couple things to bring a feminine aspect and then added mustard yellow, gold, and natural wood accents to bring some other color to the room. I started with a green accent wall, and it was not what I envisioned, so my poor husband had to paint it again. The white walls really help focus on the natural woods and other tones in the room. I wanted simple, but with detail and I am so pleased with how it turned out!