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. . . and babies make four

Raised in the Southwest. Living in the Midwest. Married to my college sweetheart. Mom to identical twin girls who keep me laughing.

Alice in Wonderland 8th Birthday Party

I had an Alice in Wonderland party for 20 little girls to celebrate my twin girls’ 8th birthday. When the girls arrived they each made an Alice in Wonderland t-shirt.  They chose what color shirt they wanted and then they chose a fabric key, teapot, flamingo or cupcake to go on the front of their shirt.  After helping to iron it on, they handed it over to my friend Kate who then appliqued all 20 shirts during the rest of the party. The girls then made layered fabric hair clips with button or gem centers.Instead of gifts, each girl was asked to bring a wrapped stuffed rabbit.  It could be any size, style or color.  As each girl arrived I put a numbered sticker on their package.  After finishing their hair clips, the girls went on a key hunt.  There were large blue sparkly keys hidden all over and each one was numbered.  After they found a key, they matched it to the same number on one of the packages.  Then the girls all opened their packages and got to take home the rabbit that was inside. Next the girls had a tea party with cupcakes, pink lemonade and a sundae bar.Finally, the girls had a Wonderland dance party led by a great DJ who had them doing the “YMCA,” “Cha Cha Slide” and “Chicken Dance.” You can see more photos at:

Chinese New Year Baby Shower

I have twin daughters who were born in China and each year we celebrate Chinese New Year with the families who traveled with us in China when we all met our daughters.This year our annual party was also a surprise baby shower for one of the families who is getting ready to travel to China to adopt their second child from China.  This time it’s a boy!You can see more photos of the event at:

First Day of School Celebration Dinner

This was a “First Day of School Celebration Dinner” I hosted for my twin girls to celebrate their first day of 2nd Grade.  Another family joined us for a fun evening.  This is the third year I’ve had a dinner like this and it’s a great way to celebrate the first day of a new school year. You can see more photos here:

Back-to-School Celebration Dinner

I had a back-to-school dinner to celebrate my girls first day of first grade. I used vintage books to make the decorations, including a banner, garlands and origami flowers. I also stacked vintage books on the table as a centerpiece and mixed vintage china on the table. You can see more pictures here: This is the second year we’ve done this and it’s one of my favorite family traditions.