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My husband and I are expecting our first child in August; a baby boy who will be named Daniel Louis.  We bought our first home 4 years ago in Austin, TX.  The home was a new build and we love it, but it was builder basic EVERYTHING from the lineolium floors to the ugly light fixtures, we've been slowly remodeling the house room by room. 
We were using the second upstairs bedroom as a home gym and decided to convert it into the nursery.  We wanted to make a custom room for our baby boy to grow into.  We are so excited for his arrival and wanted him to know just how much he was wanted and loved from the very beginning!  We have finally finished his nursery and absolutely adore it...we hope you like it too!

Daniel’s Vintage Airplane Nursery

We were using this empty upstairs bedroom as a workout room and had done absolutely NOTHING with it since we bought our home 4 years ago. When we found out we were expecting our first child, we wanted to make it a very special space for our baby to grow into. My husband and I worked for 3 months measuring, sawing, painting, and planning and I think we did a great job for carpentry novices! The room is a very small 11×11 so we wanted to add a lot of storage space and make it bright and airy. The closet was fairly deep, but not very big overall. When we took the doors off to paint, we found that it really opened the room up, so we decided to leave the doors off and design a built in wardrobe in the space instead. Additionally, we added panel style wainscoting and a built in storage bench on a wall that wasn’t very usable. When we found out we were having a little boy, we decided on a vintage airplane theme and classic colors. We absolutely adore this room and hope you do too!