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I am a wife, teacher, and soon-to-be mom to Madelyn Elizabeth. Motherhood is something I've desired for as long as I can remember and after wading through the difficult journey of infertility, my husband and I will now be parents to our long awaited little girl in early May.

Madelyn’s Coral and Aqua Traditional Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to begin collecting ideas for our nursery.  I stumbled upon the Project Nursery site and poured over many pictures before formulating a specific vision for Madelyn’s room.  I began by saving screen shots of all of the nurseries that caught my eye.  I then made a list of items I wanted to be sure to include in her room and began searching for those items in my chosen color palette, coral and aqua.  As I designed this room, I wanted the end result to be bright, cheery, feminine, and something that could easily transition from infanthood to girlhood.
My search began with the bedding as I wanted to create everything else around that.  I love damask print, so when I found crib bedding in this print with coral tones I was in luck!  Once the bedding was in place, I began searching for items for the gallery wall.  Being that the crib bedding is all coral, I knew I needed to incorporate the aqua in other ways, so I searched for gallery wall pieces that would help me tie in this additional color.
My one tip for those starting this process is to gather as many ideas as possible.  Look through pictures and jot down what you like about each one.  As you do this, you will eventually formulate a vision for your own nursery.  Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns and have fun!