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I love styling and decorating kids birthdays and baby showers.

Purple and Yellow Carriage Baby Shower

This Mommy-to-be wanted to incorporate her favorite colors, purple and yellow into her shower theme. Though she didn’t have an actual theme, it was up to me to make it look very simple, pastel and baby. I added carriages into the theme to give it more of a baby look. The turn out was better than I had expected. I didn’t think I could pull off the colors but I did. I contacted my florist Carmen from MDCFlowers and asked for the most beautiful floral arrangement she could make using only purple and yellow and some greenery. Boom! Loved it. Next was to have my sweets confectioner Rosario from Sugar Studio create beautiful pastel colored sweets with a tint of gold accents. She did an amazing job making chocolate covered apples, chocolate covered oreos, cupcakes, cake pops and pretzels.