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The American Princess Nursery for Baby C

When we found out we were having a girl, I could not wait to get to work on creating a feminine and vintage, yet eclectic princess space. Metallics, hearts, and mixed textures were my inspiration as I set to work on Baby Charlote’s nursery. We had a small room to work with, so though I wanted to scoop up everything pink, gold, and sparkly I could find- I had to limit myself. I tried to maximize the space with DIY bookshelves, spray painted re-purposed storage and an IKEA-hacked customized closet. Though I splurged on a few things (bed skirt, rocker), I tried to lower the budget by creating my own garland, repurposed mirror, and some fun, cheap bins. Lastly, it was important that Charlie’s nursery had flairs of her namesake, her great-grandmother, in the room. WIth a sparkly C pillow and a mobile that plays “you are my sunshine” (her great-grandmother’s favorite lullaby), her great-grandmother’s presence cannot be missed.