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Megan Wilson

I'm Megan! wife. momma. scrapbooker. crafter.
My 4 beautiful little ones are my world. I enjoy hosting parties and events, and just like to have lots of fun living this wonderful life I've been blessed with!

Deacon’s DIY Peppa Pig 3rd Birthday Party

My little boy absolutely loves Peppa Pig, and after he got Peppa’s house and camper van for Christmas and played with the toys, it became obvious that Peppa would be the perfect choice for his party this year!
I always do a lot of DIY elements for my kids’ parties, but this one required pretty much 100% DIY decor because most Peppa decorations are girly. I didn’t mind at all and got straight to work as soon as I settled on the color scheme- yellow! Yellow is so bright and cheery and there is a good bit of yellow surrounding Peppa Pig, so it was perfect.
Everything turned out exactly as I hoped it would and my little boy absolutely loved it.
As guests entered we snapped a quick picture of them with the birthday boy and printed it right away for the display board. We had a photobooth with an oversized picture frame, oversized Peppa car, and pig noses. I also designed a Snapchat filter for everyone to use when they posted their pics, and family members each wore a Peppa shirt I designed and made with iron on transfers. Everyone enjoyed mingling and “pigging out” on some delicious food and treats.
We had 18 adults and 15 kids at the party. We served a variety of picnic type foods, and the kids enjoyed a few games, jumping on the trampoline, and of course, the piñata!
As the party ended, we were sure to give the littles their favors and everyone left with their picture from the beginning of the party.
We had a GREAT time. My advice would be to not let what could be a “girly” theme stop you from throwing a great “boy” party! I also advise planning ahead, having your decorations done before the day of the party, and choosing a menu that doesn’t require you to actually do any cooking during the party so that you can mingle with your guests.

Evelyn Pearl’s Fancy 1st Birthday Party

After having two boys, I was thrilled and excited to throw my sweet little girl a fancy, frilly, lacy, girly first birthday party! Initially I had ideas of a chic vintage tea party, but in the end I steered clear of any true “theme,” and just went with “girly and fancy.”
This was a true DIY party, as I made all the decorations myself. I really enjoy crafting, so I had a lot of fun creating the details for the party.
We had about 25 people (children and adults) at the party. The kids enjoyed playing a couple party games, breaking open the piñata, and jumping on the trampoline. The adults enjoyed mingling and eating, and reminiscing about how fast the past year had gone.
As guests arrived, I asked to get a picture of our family with theirs right away before everyone got lost in the shuffle. I then printed the pictures right form my phone (my printer is wireless) and put them on display at the party. (This whole part was my husbands idea!) We then sent everyone home with their picture. This was a hit with the guests!
The menu consisted of chicken salad croissants with havarti cheese, sausage pinwheels, ham and cheese pinwheels, bacon and cheddar quiche, fresh fruit, assorted chocolate cookies and wafers, personalized sugar cookies, lady fingers, apple stuffed sugar pastries, mini chocolate chip muffins, mini blueberry muffins, mini chocolate cupcakes, mini red velvet cupcakes, and of course, a smash cake for the birthday girl! A close friend of mine is an amazingly talented baker, and she made the personalized sugar cookies for me!
One of my favorite parts was when we sang Happy Birthday! I bought a sparkler candle in the shape of an “E” at a boutique near by. The sparklers were so awesome. It was definitely the coolest candle I had ever seen.
We created a time capsule by asking the guests to write down a memory, wish, or letter for the birthday girl.
In addition to the DIY decorations, I displayed pictures of Evelyn’s “firsts,” as well as the baby book scrapbook I made for her over her first year.
We sent the kiddos home with their piñata candy, as well as a personalized mini planter with some seeds for them to plant.
The day turned out to be everything I hoped it would be and more!