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Owl-Themed “Little Boy Room”

I call this a “little boy room” because it’s not quite a nursery and not quite a “big boy room” either! My little guy is 18 months old…He had an owl themed-nursery from the day he was born! When we moved this past summer, I was faced with having to set up a brand new room. Although he had outgrown the baby-ish-ness of his old room, we weren’t quite ready for a full decor overhaul. Instead, I just updated his owl nursery to have a slightly more grown up feel – that will hopefully last for a little while longer until we are ready to do a big boy room. You can read all about this room HERE!

A Monster of a First Birthday Party

For my son’s first birthday party, I created a whimsical Monster party-land, complete with lots of paper monsters, bright decorations, cuddly monster favors, and creative and fun finger foods! It was an amazing day with lots of wonderful family, friends, food, and fun – Henry won’t remember it…but his family sure will!