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Mama of 3 wild ones! I’ve got a passion for anything DIY, interior design, photography, + loving life!

A Nursery for a Tiny Dancer

This has been my all time favorite project!
To give you some context: I have two toddler boys & feel like I’ve been decorating with blues & greens for the last few years, so when we found out we were expecting a girl this time around, you guessed it- I knew I wanted to make her nursery extra girly, with lots of blush & feminine vibes. Back when I first started looking for nursery inspiration, I quickly realized there were SO MANY different adorable directions I could go with the room. I kept changing my mind between a preppy, classic look and a trendy boho vibe. It was a tough decision because I was truly loving both styles!  I decided to combine the two styles (not sure if this is allowed in the interior design world but I did it!) and I completely LOVE how it turned out. It has it all- the pink board and batten wood walls and gingham wallpaper push the classic, traditional girl nursery and the soft natural wood details incorporate the boho vibe. I grew up dancing, so I knew I also wanted to incorporate some ballet details. I did this by adding the ballet barre & mirror, as well as tying in some classic dancer dolls. The scalloped details add more of the extra girly flare and really ties the room together. A lot of what is incorporated into the nursery is what my 5 year old self dreamed about having in my bedroom growing up. I sure hope our little one grows to like her room as much as I do, but at the end of the day if she doesn’t- it’ll just give me another excuse to decorate her room all over again.

Truck Themed Boys Room with Pattern Fun

Playful patterns for a playful kiddo!
One of my favorite memories growing up is when my parents would redo my bedroom and they’d let me choose whatever theme I wanted. So this time around we involved our little guy with a few choices for his big boy bedroom and I have to say- it was fun getting a little input from a 3 year old. I think we got everything on his list: trucks ✔️ blue ✔️ red ✔️ (what an easy client!😆)
Our 3 year old is very much a bright, colorful, & playful kind of kid, so I wanted his bedroom to reflect that. Some days he prefers pink (he knows it’s mom’s favorite color) & other days he prefers orange (thanks to Blippi) but usually you can catch him saying blue & red are his favorite colors, so we decided to do blue board+batten on an accent wall, along with accents of red here & there. We used this fun Serena + Lily Feathered wallpaper as a backsplash on the accent wall, with some white framed Etsy truck prints to pop against the wallpaper. The Polymath Mom name sign fits perfectly in the room and will grow with him over time.
My goal was for the room to reflect his personality and involve all things he loves so that he truly enjoys being in his own little space. The room has a fun feeling with details of trucks everywhere, along with a book bench reading corner to accommodate his love for reading.
My advice is to involve your child during the design process if you can! Make a space that they’ll love and will accommodate their wants. Happy designing!
Paint Color: SW Revel Blue & SW Pure White

Star-studded Boys Nursery

The vision I had for Mack’s room was a cool/fun vibe with a bold statement & something that he can grow into over the years. I adore all things black & white, so I knew I wanted to incorporate B&W into the color scheme. The dark green color was added to make the room have a little more casual feeling, yet still bold. The star decals were an amazing find that ended up being cheaper + easier than wallpaper & adds such a fun vibe! Artwork is always a unique + personal touch that adds so much to a room, so I reached out to a talented artist to design the portraits of our little guy + pup. My biggest tip is to not stress over placing the decals perfectly, because the human eye will never be able to see small mistakes.