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Maya Sheehan

Brooklyn mother of two who turned a love of decorating nurseries into a career in interior design

Oliver’s Vintage Sports Nursery

My husband is an avid lover of all things sports, so when I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I knew I would have to incorporate sports into the room. My husband had kept his father’s letterman jacket from college as well as other amazing sports memorabilia from his childhood that I wanted to include in the room, but without it looking like a sports bar or mancave. My mother-in-law had also saved some incredible toys from when my husband was a baby… a beautiful set of colorful vintage wood toys, a child’s rocking chair, and a wooden bulldozer made by a family friend. I decided on a vintage-inspired sports theme in order to incorporate all of these wonderful personal elements into Oliver’s room.
When I found the retro car print I knew it would be the perfect fabric for the crib bedding… it had a great vintage feel to it and the muted greens and blues were the perfect color palate for the room. My step-father-in-law is also a former racecar driver and antique car collector, so it seemed like a great way to incorporate him into the room as well.
One big challenge in the room was that it had no closets so I knew I’d have to find a good storage solution for all my son’s clothes and toys. Continuing the sports theme, I decided to buy some lockers, painted the doors in the same colors as the print, and then had some custom shelves and drawers made for them. I think they turned out amazing and provide tons of practical storage space.
Oliver’s room turned out to be a beautiful homage to my husband and his family, and I love that in a way, he’s surrounded by all the men that came before him.