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Maddie Jenkins

Im a first time, single mom with a passion for interior design.

Front View

Tatum James’ Nursery

The second I found out that I was going to have a baby girl I began envisioning a beautiful modern nursery for her. A local artist posted a piece she had made on Instagram and immediately I fell in love. Not only could I base her nursery off a gorgeous piece of art, but I could also do so while supporting local business.
My advice for any nesting mother is to make sure you fall absolutely in love with whatever it is that you find. I changed my mind several times about her room, and I would sit in her room to picture what I wanted over and over. Ultimately, I ended up falling in love with it, everything came together perfectly. I would tell any nesting mother to take their time with creating a safe place for their baby. It will turn out just as perfect as you imagined it would be with patience.