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Tranquility is the new luxury of our society.So, during this segment of your Victory Hour, savor some stillness.Contemplate how you’re living and on who you hope to become.Be thoughtful and intentional on the values you want to be loyal to over the hours ahead of you.And how you wish to behave.One of them was shiny and new.It bore the phrase All these early mornings will make me an icon someday.I agree with you, expressed the billionaire.Reflecting on what’s most important to a life beautifully lived will leave you with what The Spellbinder calls ‘residual wisdom’ throughout the rest of the day.And so, as you experience the remainder of your day, the residue of your reconnection with this wisdom stays in focus, infusing every single moment and guiding each one of your choices.Another butterfly flitted by.Three more soon followed the first, almost poetically.The billionaire decided to deepen his explanation on reflection, but first popped another pill.He put a hand on his heart and looked at the sensational view of Rome.The way the light falls here really is like nowhere else, he thought.I’ll miss my Roma.The billionaire stared down the steps at the white boat sculpted by Pietro Bernini and then glanced at the flower shop, also in the square below.In so many ways, reflection is a main source of transformation because once you know better, you definitely can do better.I’m realizing I spend so much of my time doing and reacting, and so little of my time deliberating and planning.You’ve talked about how the great ones leverage periods of isolation.I’ve read that many famous geniuses had a habit of sitting in solitude for hours with nothing more than a pad of paper and a pen for capturing the insights that would start flashing across the screen of their imaginations.Yes, commented the billionaire.Developing a tremendous imagination is a highly important portal into a celebrated fortune.One of the things that makes the historic sites here in Rome so special is the sheer size of the structures.What vision and confidence the Romans who created them must have had!And what skill to have turned the ideas into something real.My point is that every single one of the sensational edifices in The Eternal City is the product of the imagination of a human being, properly used.So, yes, you should also use the reflection pocket to invent, visualize and dream.‘Twenty years from now,’ a quote I think comes from Mark Twain says, ‘you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.So, throw off the bowlines.Sail away from the safe harbor.Catch the trade winds in your sails.Discover.’All great artists dream about a future few believe is possible, stated the artist sagely.Yup, nodded the billionaire.This is simply a written statement of your ideal day ahead.You’ll have a clear and calibrated script for your day ahead, so it unfolds the way you want it to.Of course, nothing in business and life is perfect.Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best to pursue it.The heroic women and men of the world were all perfectionists.They were maximizers, immensely obsessed with being remarkable at all they did.So, take at least ten minutes to write out your perfect day.The mogul peered over at the flower shop again.He raised his left index finger up to the Roman sky.A volcanically attractive young woman, with high cheekbones, tortoiseshell glasses, a gray linen blouse and fashionable trousers, stood up, holding a metal attaché case.She then sprinted up the steps like a cheetah chasing its dinner.Hi, Vienna, said the billionaire as she arrived.Riley, replied the young woman respectfully.We are delighted to see you back in Rome.Sir, I have your items.The aide entered a code into the lock and the case sprung open.Inside were three luxuriously crafted journals, bound by the most supple Italian leather.The billionaire handed one to the entrepreneur and one to the artist.He lifted the last one, clutched it close to his heart and licked it.Yes, he actually licked his journal.South Africa? quizzed the artist loudly.When are we going?Magical vineyards? queried the entrepreneur.The billionaire ignored them both.You’re good, Vienna, spoke the billionaire to his assistant.Ci vediamo dopo, he added, as she walked down the ancient steps and hopped onto the back of a black scooter that had been waiting for her, before it raced away.Si, noted the billionaire.Brother, I love these models, the artist said.Clarity breeds mastery.Right?Truth, affirmed the industrialist.And you’re welcome, cats.They look simple because it’s taken him his entire professional lifetime to handcraft them.It takes long years of extreme attention and ardent isolation to strip away the complexities of any work to reach the simplicity that sits at the touchstone of genuine genius.It’s like when an amateur looks at a masterpiece.It looks simple because he doesn’t comprehend the expertise of the master in taking away all that was unnecessary.And decades of devotion.Let me get to the point of these gifts my assistant brought us, the billionaire continued.During the ‘reflection’ pocket of The 20/20/20 Formula, another absolutely winning move is to write in a journal.And so I had these made for you by an Italian craftsperson.Hope they work wonders for you.The magnate looked down Via dei Condotti.Street cleaners were hard at work.Tourists were strolling along the avenue, taking selfies and buying trinkets from street vendors.The Spellbinder loves hanging with me here in Roma.If we’re lucky, we’ll see him later this morning.I know he went running at daybreak along the river to Prati before heading off to a fishing excursion at a place a few hours from here.Don’t think too much.Simply download your commitments for the hours ahead, record your precious ambitions and activate your gratitude by listing what’s good in your life right now.Please also use your journal as a place to process through any frustrations, disappointments and resentments in your heart so you let them go.It’s miraculous how you’ll release toxic emotions and low energy from your system when you write down your suppressed hurts, freeing up maximum creativity, premium vitality and unmatchable performance.A super way to fireproof and fortify my Heartset, right? said the entrepreneur.Here are some of the rewards you’ll receive when you invest ten or perhaps the entire twenty minutes of pocket number two of your Victory Hour in writing your Daily Diaries.And to repeat so I reinforce, I suggest you don’t write only the positive elements of your current life but also those aspects of your experience that are causing discomfort and pain.Because the quickest way out of hard emotions is to have the wisdom and courage to go straight into them.Feel them to heal them.Name them to let go of them.Put a written voice to the dark energy of life’s burdens to dissolve them.These are breakthrough insights I’m revealing to you two here.Because once you reclaim the power blocked by layers of toxic emotions and the wounds of the past, your Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset will all soar exponentially.This then yields the external empires you both hope to see more of.Those stuck toxic emotions layer over your gifts, talents and higher wisdom.This is one of the primary reasons most people on the planet have forgotten the heroes they are.But most of us have so much fear, pain, anger and sorrow built up over our real selves, we have no sense of the opportunities that sit right in front of us.All that dark energy blinds us from seeing them.And blocks our access to our primal genius.The great people of history had this access.Today, the majority have lost it.A magical life? stated the entrepreneur.You keep speaking of magic.Sounds a little far out.A little granola.Yes, a magical life, responded the billionaire firmly, but politely.I’ll explain how you enter the magic available to all of us when we get to South Africa.Once you learn what I’ll teach you in the vineyard there, your ability to manifest more money, better health, greater joyfulness and deeper inner peace will grow dramatically.But I can’t share anything about how to live in the magic yet.I’m not allowed to, commented the billionaire mysteriously.You need to feel a wound to heal a hurt, the billionaire continued with precision.I’ve endured a lot of suffering in my life.Business defeats, personal losses, physical failures.For an instant, he looked older.And his breathing grew labored.But then he recovered.Anyhoo, the good news, he said energetically as he raised both arms high into the Roman air, is that I’m not carrying much past pain in my wonderful present and into my fantastic future.I used the Daily Diary practice during the ‘Reflect’ pocket of The 20/20/20 Formula to move through and release it all.This skill alone is one of the reasons I’m so full of wonder, gratefulness and peacefulness, most of the time.And how I’ve been able to achieve so much.Living in the past steals so much energy from most people, you know?This is a massive explanation for why most people are so unproductive.The Spellbinder’s the only person I’ve ever met who made the link between poor performance and emotional turbulence.So imagine what doing your Daily Diaries each morning will do for your accomplishment and the success of your business, especially as you navigate what you’re going through. The billionaire spoke with palpable empathy as he placed one lean arm around the entrepreneur and the other over the shoulder of her new boyfriend.And for your art, he added, turning to the artist.And carrying past pain is so exhausting, the artist agreed.The Spellbinder taught me how to do so, and it has profoundly helped my concentration, my confidence, my performance and the calm that I feel, while running a sophisticated business portfolio.And calm performers are the highest achievers.There’s nothing crackerjack about meditation, so get over any biases you might have around the skill and go ahead and lock it in.It’s simply one of the world’s best ways to strengthen your focus, preserve your natural power and insulate your inner peace.Current research proves that regular meditation helps lower levels of cortisol, thus lowering your stress.It’s also a strong way to grow the relationship you have with yourself.You need to make more time for you.To scale your fluency and intimacy with your higher nature.To reconnect with your best part, that side of you that understands the impossible is mostly the untried and that knows of your hidden reservoirs of luminosity, audacity and love.Truth speaks in the solitude of the day’s earliest light.And then carry this breathtaking knowledge with you, through the remaining hours of the gift we call a day.The billionaire fell to the ground.Then, a plank pose followed.You’re now very familiar with this quirky tycoon’s bizarre maneuvers.I need to get on to the third pocket of The 20/20/20 Formula so we can wrap up today’s mentoring session.I’ve got a series of meetings set up for later, and then I’m off to a splendid dinner with Adriano, The Spellbinder and a few other old friends, the billionaire said cheerfully.Sure, said the artist.No sweat.Of course, said the entrepreneur.We heard about a restaurant close to Campo di Fiori that makes great carbonara.Suddenly, the billionaire clutched his stomach, wincing in pain.Riley? the entrepreneur asked as she rushed toward her mentor.Absolutely, he replied, pretending everything was fine.Please, just make sure you share The Spellbinder’s teachings with as many people as you can.You’ll be improving the world as you do.I might not be able to, he said as his voice trailed off.Okay, the industrialist carried on.Pocket three of The 20/20/20 Formula is designed to help you ‘Grow’ daily.I love you even more today, the entrepreneur said.Well, I adore you more every day, he replied with a grin.Oh, brother, laughed the billionaire.I’m caught in a love fest.See, you don’t receive success and influence only because of what you want.Private desire without personal development is like dreaming of having a gorgeous garden but not planting any seeds.We magnetize ourselves to excellent rewards by raising the value of our selves.I made my fortune from this idea.As I improved, my capacity to improve the lives of more people improved through the elevated quality of my service.As I made myself more knowledgeable, I became more valuable to the fields in which I conducted my businesses, which lifted my income and my impact.Study the lives of the greatest men and women of the past by consuming their autobiographies during the ‘Grow’ pocket.Learn about the latest advancements in psychology.Devour works on innovation and communication, productivity and leadership, prosperity and history.One of the traits all my billionaire friends and I have in common is we absolutely love to learn.We are all totally into reading, improving and feeding our limitless curiosity.Fun for us is going to a conference together.We go to one, at least one, every three months so we stay inspired, excellent and absolutely switched on.We don’t spend much time on meaningless entertainment because we’re just too invested in endless education.You’ll receive from it what you give to it.Key natural law there.So, give a lot more by becoming a lot better.Riley summed up exuberantly.Embrace it fully, run it daily, or at least five days a week, and your productivity, prosperity, sense of joy and serenity will accelerate potently along with the value you are able to deliver to our world.What’s next? inquired the artist.We’ll now go visit the dead, was the billionaire’s only reply.Wells

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