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A UX designer with a passion for blending meaningful personal pieces with modern touches.

A Whimsical Modern Nursery

When I set out to design a nursery for our new baby boy, and first child I was stumped. I always design spaces that reflect pieces of our personality or elements we care about, but I knew nothing about what our little boy would be like. At first I designed a space that was a mix of vintage and ultra modern that felt like us, but somehow as I contemplated it, it felt too expected. Even though I loved the look of what I designed at first it didn’t feel right, something in me wanted a space that was whimsical, colorful and imaginative. I wanted it to be a room that would help shape our son’s personality, to make him smile and encourage his creative side. It was from that inspiration that I decided to try something very bold and colorful and from there it took off. I searched for a long time and tried a few different wallpapers before finding this bold black and white one. The full inspiration came together when I found the cowboy painting. Ironically, cowboys were something I tried to incorporate in the vintage version. I also wanted to incorporate animals and I love and collect hats, so what’s better than animals in hats! My sister-in-law found the adorable felt mobile of animals and handmade tiny felt hats to put on all of them too. I love the detail and personal touch. There’s a few trinkets throughout that were gifts or were ours as babies which are so special too. My favorite part of the nursery is the framed artwork, each piece has a story and meaning to us and that means a lot.
My advice to others would be to find a few elements or pieces that have meaning to you and build around that. Even if you don’t feel like they go together at first, you can find a way. For me it was using the same frame around all the different art and using blue touches throughout to tie things together.