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I'm an interior designer and owner of Liz Carroll Interiors in Wilmington, NC.

Dress Up Corner

We built this custom stage and dress-up corner in an unused corner of the playroom.  The kid’s had great dress up clothes and tons of imagination, they just needed a stage to perform on!  We built the platform for the stage out of wood and painted it in an outdoor white paint to stand up to little high heels and boots.  We worked with a professional workroom to create the stage curtains out of LuluDK’s fabric for Schumacher.  We secured the top of the curtains to the walls and ceiling for support, and added tie-backs on the sides to hold the curtains back on each side.  We also added a coordinating trim across the base of the platform in the front to add some color and tie it all together.  It’s such a fun space!!!