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Lisa Rose DiGirolamo

Leo’s ‘Mountain View’ Big Boy Room

I began dreaming up my sons “big boy” room soon after I fell pregnant with baby #2. I knew I wanted to keep his current room the nursery and move him to the guest room but we had to finish construction on another space before starting his so the transition took awhile! I planned the new room around a wooden “house bed” and an amazing mountain wall decal I found on Etsy. I wanted something cozy but also fun for him to grow into and with plenty of open space to play. He has an awesome teepee that he and our 85lb dog like to snuggle up in together, a little book nook and plenty of storage for his toys! The large shaggy rug is so comfortable I often find myself just sprawled out on it. At first the room was taking a very neutral, black and white look, but slowly I began adding in pops of green and I’m so happy I did! Adds some nice color while going along with the mountain vibe. So in love with the way the room turned out and I think he is pretty into it too! Definitely my favorite new room in the house.
The best advice I can give readers is to get your toddler involved somehow in the process of creating their new space. Our son was always “working” on the room with his Dad and I. He would bring his tools up and help us put together furniture, hang things on walls, etc. It made him feel really proud and a part of everything which I think in turn made this huge transition (for all of us) a bit easier!

Rustic Chic Woodland Nursery

My husband and I built our very own house last year! It was probably one of the most stressful times in our lives but it was so totally worth it as we are now living in our dream home. We moved in on our third wedding anniversary, November 3, 2015. Just five short days into living here we found out we were expecting our first baby! I guess the new house bought us a little luck. I am a bit of what my husband likes to call an “impatient perfectionist”, which basically means the house was decorated top to bottom within a week of living in it. Great for aesthetics, terrible for our bank account! Anyway, once the house was pretty much done I turned my attention to the nursery. I knew exactly which room would be home to our newest addition – the smaller guest room in the front of the house with large windows overlooking the front yard and beautiful lighting. I have to tell you, as much as I absolutely love decorating and design, the nursery really through me for a loop for awhile! Being a first time mom the line between pretty and practical can get a bit blurred. I knew I didn’t want a very traditional nursery, this should be a space that I would enjoy being in often as well as a cozy, warm space that would grow with baby. I also knew I would really have to be a bit thrifty with my finds since we had just finished building and decorating an entire house! As soon as we found out it was a boy my eyes immediately took to pinterest and of course project nursery to get some “nursery inspo”. After much too many hours of clicking through what all looked to be the most perfectly styled nurseries and also in keeping with a theme we have throughout the house, I decided I wanted to go with a more rustic vibe. The woodland theme seems to be trending now so I came across a lot of ideas and decided to incorporate that as well. My first “woodland” purchase were the baby animal prints from James River Studios on Etsy. I just thought they were so sweet and not as cartoony as many I had seen. I found these cool rustic hanging picture frames at home goods and this was basically my inspiration for the room. At first I had thought of doing a very neutral color scheme, but little by little aqua starting working its way in – which is kind of ironic since aqua was my favorite color as a child! Now I am in love with the little pops of colors, from the tribal pillow and the woodland bedding to the hand painted L’s on the bookshelves, everything really tied together perfectly. It took awhile to figure out what to do on the wall behind the crib – I wanted to do some sort of feature wall but two sets of stencils later I ripped it down and enlisted the help of my very talented friend to paint something. I found a cool picture of a white birch tree mural and we went full steam ahead. I could not be happier with the way it came out! It is rustic and whimsy and so much more real looking than stencils! I love the room so much that I often find myself just sitting in the glider looking out the window. Can’t wait for the new tenant to move in in just a couple of short months!