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I'm a mid-twenties mom with baby #2 on the way! Ive been a nurse for 4 years and recently choose to be a SAHM until after Baby #2 comes!

Baby Sister’s Nursery

I didn’t want a frilly, light pink, ballerina, gaa-gaa-goo-goo baby room. I wanted something the baby could grow into and something that I would love to spend time in. I knew I wanted something bright and cheery and colorful to counteract the gloomy, grey, nasty weather we get 9 months out of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. I knew I had to have a chandelier. I had to have a glider chair. I wanted white sheer curtains. I wanted hot pink, aqua and mustard yellow. I wanted a little shabby chic, a little bohemian, a little hawaiian, a little bit of everything that I loved.