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Life Fling

I'm an Interior Designer turned SAHM blogger and I live in Calgary, Alberta with my super adorable family!

Dr. Seuss Oh the Places You’ll Go Party

For my son’s first birthday we had a Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places You’ll Go” theme and I loved how it turned out! I wasn’t working so I wanted to set a budget because we all know how these things can spiral out of control. I looked into different venues but we ended up holding it at my mom’s house because she has more space and not to mention it was free. I will use any excuse to use photoshop so I made most of the decorations, the cake, and cupcakes myself.
Food Labels: I glued together coloured popsicle sticks to create tiny easels and designed the actual labels in Photoshop.
Cupcakes: They were basic vanilla with vanilla buttercream because I didn’t want to deal with food coloring stains with all the kids and everybody loves vanilla! I added striped paper straws and pompoms to make the truffula tree toppers.
Smash Cake: Again I went with vanilla, added a few sprinkles, printed the topper and stuck it on a paper straw.
Garland: I cheated on this one and got it at Target when they were liquidating their stuff here in Canada.
Quote Posters: I designed them in Photoshop, had them printed on cardstock, and then mounted them on foam core board. There were six in total.
Hot Air Balloons: I ordered 17″ clear latex balloons and poured some metallic sprinkles inside before blowing them up. I attached the balloons to the baskets using plastic ballon sticks and tape. I printed out the “1” labels and stuck them on the front but you could use any number or letter.
Ball Pit: I bought a bunch of pool noodles, which was tricky since they weren’t really in season yet but I found some at Canadian Tire. I cut them up with a serrated steak knife, I recommend doing this outside as it makes quite a mess! We threw them in a 6′ inflatable pool and the kids had a blast!
I had so much fun planning this for Link! And even though it was mega crazy, it was a fun day with all of our friends and family that we will always remember!

Orange and Gray Woodland Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant I was super excited about designing our nursery! As an Interior Designer I worked on a lot of showrooms and kids’ rooms were always my favourite part. You have so much more creative freedom in children’s spaces and you can get away with more adventurous colour schemes too! The sad part was that when the time to finally design our own nursery I was too sick to really enjoy it and I couldn’t do all the things that I had planned. I did still manage to put together a simple room on a budget that was perfect for our little guy.
Striped Art – I bought two Ikea Lack tables on Black Friday, threw away the legs, and painted on the stripes and animals with acrylic paint.
Fox Art – My mom gave me the collage frame and created the “woodgrain animal tracks” in Photoshop. I removed the glass from the centre frame and added the wood fox that my sister-in-law found at Superstore.
Deer Art – I created the artwork in Photoshop and added it to an old Ikea frame I had in my basement.
Mobile – I adapted a Wood Painting Kit from Target, punched holes in the tops of the birds and hung them from dowels using fishing line.
Closet Organizer & Bins – I covered the front of the bins with a fabric that I found at a local quilting shop.